It is our Immune System that Prevents and Cures Cancer and Viruses

The first research was done in 1990 by Dr Yamamoto in Philadelphia; and since then over 59 research papers have been published by 142 scientists indicating that GcMAF rebuilds the immune system, and the immune system then eradicates early stage cancer and other diseases. We make GcMAF outside the body, and it is injected once a week for 25 weeks for early cancers, 50 or more weeks for late stage cancers. (Encapsulated tumours require additional treatment.) Viruses like HIV can require as little as 16 weeks.

Gc-MAF is affordable and available in NZ from Registered Medical Practitioners.
For a list of NZ Doctors who treat with GcMAF go to our Doctors Page.

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What is GcMAF?
GcMAF is a protein made by all healthy people.

Why do some people no longer make GcMAF?
Cancers and Viruses send out an enzyme called Nagalase that neutralises the bodies ability to make GcMAF. (without GcMAF our immune system goes to sleep)

What can we do if we no longer make GcMAF?
We make GcMAF outside the body and then administer it.

How does GcMAF Work with Cancer? Link to Supporting Abstract
  1. GcMAF stimulates white blood cells in our tissue, called macrophages, to attack and digest cancers.

  2. GcMAF directly inhibits cancer cell proliferation and metastatic potential.

  3. GcMAF directly reverts cancer cells back into healthy cells.

  4. GcMAF directly inhibits cancer cell-induced angiogenesis (stops new blood vessels into tumours).

For cancer, follow the protocol. GcMAF Cancer Protocol

How does GcMAF Work with other Diseases?
"GcMAF modifies the expression of a number of genes in cells expressing the Vitamin D Receptor, which explains how it can be effective in such a variety of conditions ranging from cancer, to autism, ME, CFS, chronic kidney disease, neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases or Multiple Sclerosis as well as conditions associated with environmental pollutions."
Molecular Biologist, Professor Ruggiero, MD, PhD.

GcMAF and Nagalase

Some Published Scientific Articles Supporting GcMAF

Viruses or Parasites are often a Cause of Cancer

Accepted Causes of Cancer
Associated Causes of Cancer

For more information on GcMAF, go to the manufacturer's webpage www.GcMAF.eu